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We are proud of our reputation as innovators in the field of learning and development, and SmartStyle clients benefit from a number of flexible delivery options which complement our comprehensive public schedule of courses and three principal options for tailored classroom delivery:-

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Floor-walking & Surgery Days
Rather than planned training events, or one-to-one sessions, floorwalking or drop-in sessions provide a more informal approach.  The trainer is available to respond and react to users’ issues, sitting with them until they are resolved.  This can be done by the trainer moving around the client’s premises providing desk-side help and support, or with users scheduling timeslots with the trainer at an agreed location.  Floorwalking can be an ideal way to address diverse needs of a group of users.
Intensive Workshops
We can provide short and flexible, facilitated group workshops to focus on specific skills, features or issues. These workshops are highly participative, the group suggest areas to cover, bring along live examples to work on, set priorities and contribute ideas and issues of their own.  Workshops are ideal for ‘filling gaps’ in users’ knowledge. 
Blended Programmes
SmartStyle specialise in the design of blended learning programmes which involve a variety of learning initiatives. Group seminars, instructor led classroom sessions, workshops and e-learning can be combined to provide an inclusive approach and meet the needs of individual learners and the organisation as a whole.
Seminars & Group Demonstrations
Sometimes the learning outcomes are not extensive or complex enough to require a formal hands-on classroom session.  Demonstrations to larger groups of individuals, with the opportunity for the audience to ask questions, are a popular method of launching roll-outs of new technology or introducing specific features in an application.  Supporting reference material can be provided and the duration of these sessions is flexible according to the required outcome.

One to One Coaching
Planned opportunities for individual users to have some one-to-one time with a trainer, either to resolve a particular real-life issue, prepare for an exam, or gain help and guidance focused on the topics that are relevant to them.
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