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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Advanced
Target Audience:  

This course is aimed at existing users of PowerPoint who need to be able to create more complex presentations with sophisticated animation.


By the end of the session users will be able to produce animated presentations which include images, graphics and links to other applications or websites and sophisticated animation effects including rehearsed timings.


Users should be able to create simple animated presentations incorporating text, bulleted lists,  tables, charts and clipart.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £150 + VAT
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Quick Access Toolbar & Default Settings

  • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Setting Options & Defaults

Themes & Masters

  • Themes Background Styles & Colour Schemes
  • Working with Slide & Title Masters
  • Notes & Handout Masters
  • Adding Headers & Footers
  • Creating & Using Custom Templates

Importing, Exporting, Linking & Embedding

  • Linking & Embedding Copied Objects
  • Creating a Presentation From a Word Document
  • Inserting Slides from Other Presentations

Working With Tables

  • Creating Tables
  • Inserting & Deleting Rows & Columns
  • Changing Row Height & Column Width
  • Formatting Tables with Borders & Shading
  • Merging & Splitting Table Cells

More on Drawing Tools

  • Arranging & Aligning Objects
  • Creating a Flowchart
  • Custom Clips & Pictures
  • Managing the Clip Art Gallery
  • Creating & Editing Photo Albums

Organisation Charts

  • Insert an Organisation Chart Object
  • Adding, Editing & Deleting Organisation Chart Shapes
  • Formatting an Organisation Chart
  • Converting Text to SmartArt

Using Multimedia

  • Movie, Sound & Video Files
  • Automating Movie & Sound Clips

Reviewing Presentations

  • Reviewing Presentations & Comments
  • Send Presentations by E-mail

Advanced Animation, Hyperlinks & Actions

  • Animating a Slide Show
  • Automating Slide Shows with Actions
  • Using Hyperlinks

More On Slide Shows

  • Setting Up a Slide Show & Slide Show Options
  • Rehearsing & Reviewing Timings
  • Creating a Custom Show