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Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate
Target Audience:  

Users who already have some experience of using Excel who need to create spreadsheets which include calculations, multiple sheets and charts.


By the end of the course users will be able to create multiple sheet Workbooks, use logical functions, sort, filter and subtotal data.  Users will also be able to present data in a graphical format.


Users need to be able to design and create simple spreadsheets which include basic formulae and the use of AutoSum.  They should also be able to use simple formatting tools and use cut, copy and paste effectively

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £150 + VAT
  Course Date Location
  10/06/2016 Liverpool
  15/06/2016 Bradford
  12/07/2016 Liverpool
  14/07/2016 Bradford
  17/08/2016 Liverpool
  17/08/2016 Bradford
  15/09/2016 Liverpool
  15/09/2016 Bradford
  10/10/2016 Liverpool
  18/10/2016 Bradford
  10/11/2016 Liverpool
  16/11/2016 Bradford
  13/12/2016 Liverpool
  14/12/2016 Bradford
More Formulae & Functions Charting Essentials  
  • Logical 'IF' Functions

  • Using Dates in Calculations

  • Calculating Percentages

  • Naming Cells & Ranges
  • Creating Charts & Graphs

  • Formatting Charts

  • Modifying the Chart Layout

  • Adding & Removing Chart Elements

  • Working with Pie Charts

  • Previewing & Printing Charts

Working with Multiple Worksheets        
  • Moving Between Worksheets

  • Inserting, Deleting & Renaming Worksheets

  • Moving & Copying Worksheets

  • Using Group Editing

  • Entering Formula Across Worksheets

Worksheet Customisation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Password Protecting a File
  • Protecting Sheets & Cells
Data List Essentials
  • Introducing Data Lists
  • Splitting a Worksheet into Panes
  • Freezing Worksheet Titles
  • Sorting a List of Data
  • Filtering Data Using Autofilter
  • Using Automatic Subtotals
  • Working with Excel Tables