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Solve the Problem - Find Solutions
Target Audience:  

Anyone requiring a robust and transparent approach to resolving problems. The course aims to give people the confidence to deal with problems rather than ignore them or resolve them with ‘quick fixes’. The course focuses on tools and techniques to identify priorities to work on and generate effective solutions that prevent issues recurring.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the root cause of problems
  • Source and collate information related to the problem
  • Generate solutions to problems
  • Evaluate and implement possible solutions
  • Prioritise issues
  • Utilise proven practical tools to support problem solving in the workplace.
  • Be confident in their own ideas based on a clear process
  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £250 + VAT
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Module One - Introduction

  • Why people fail to solve problems

  • Skills involved in solving problems

  • Sources of problems


Module Two – Recognition & Definition 

  • How to recognise and define problems

  • The importance of a process

  • The stages of problem solving & decision making

  • Defining causes not symptoms


Module Three – Sourcing & Validating Information

  • Identifying relevant information

  • Collecting and recording information

  • Validating sources

  • Analysing and interpreting information


Module Four– Problem Solving Techniques

  • SWOT analysis

  • Using the Fishbone model

  • Using information to form solutions


Module Five – Developing Solutions

  • Adapting the mindset – changing gear

  • Past solutions

  • Napoleon techniques

  • Organised random search

  • The SCAMPER approach

    • Substitute
    • Combine
    • Adapt
    • Modify
    • Put to Other Use
    • Eliminate
    • Rearrange
  • Random idea generation


Module Six – Implementation

  • Matrix analysis

  • Force Field analysis

  • Scenario planning

  • Applying the right approach to each situation

  • Implementing solutions