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On the Job Trainer - Instructional Techniques
Target Audience:  

The process of imparting knowledge and passing on practical skills required for operating equipment and machinery in the workplace needs a different approach to other types learning.  This course aims to provide participants with a step by step approach for ensuring people have the required knowledge and confidence to tackle now tasks in an operational environment.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Explain why & how people learn differently and match learning approaches to different people

  • Set out clear, measurable objectives for training and coaching

  • Prepare and deliver skills and knowledge based training in the workplace

  • Use clear instruction and coaching tools to facilitate on the job learning

  • Assess and review progress in relation to specific tasks

  • Give positive and constructive feedback whilst coaching and training.

  Duration: 2 Days
  Cost: £450 + VAT
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Module One - Introduction

  • The Role and Skills of an “On the Job” Trainer
  • The “On the Job” Instructional Process
    • Prepare, Tell, Show, Do, Review
  • Task Shadowing

Module Two - Learning Principles

  • What is a Learning Intervention?

  • The Importance of the Training Cycle

  • Assessing Existing Skills

  • Setting SMART Objectives to Transfer Skills & Knowledge

  • People Learn Differently:

    • Matching People to the Right Approach
    • Applying Learning to Practical Tasks
  • Motivating the Self Learning Process


Module Three - Structuring & Delivering Learning

  • Instructing in Practical Situations

  • Providing Guidance on Undertaking New Tasks

  • Identifying Unrecognised Actions

  • Recognising Assumptive Knowledge

  • Imparting Knowledge in Manageable ‘Bite Sized’ Chunks

  • Understanding “Passed on” Learning

  • Using Different Methods to Engage the Trainee

  • Using Questioning to Impart Knowledge & Transfer Skills

  • Dealing Confidently with a Range of People and Situations


Module Four - Measuring Learning

  • Checking & Evidencing Understanding

    • Observation Checklists
  • Measuring the Success of Practical Tasks

  • Using the Learning Ladder to Check Attainment

  • Providing Constructive Feedback to Trainees