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Use Your Influence - Negotiate the Right Result
Target Audience:  

This course is suitable for  anyone involved in negotiation as part of their role who needs to develop their  skills  in  persuasion  and  influencing to achieve the optimum outcome or result.


The course explores the skills needed for powerful and effective negotiation on both an individual level and in teams.  You will identify and develop strategies, explore bargaining skills and learn how to structure a negotiation, using techniques intended to achieve the best possible results.

  Duration: 2 Days
  Cost: £495 + VAT
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Module One - Introducing Negotiation

  • The 4 Rules of Negotiation

  • The Point of Balance

  • Negotiation Strategies

    • Broad Front
    • Deep Penetration
  • Different Types of Negotiation

    • Positional
    • Principled
    • Situational
  • The Key Skills of an Effective Negotiator


Module Two - The Stages of Negotiation

  • Preparation & Objectives

  • Establishing the Climate

  • Exploration

  • Bidding

  • Bargaining

  • Settling & Ratifying


Module Three - Behavioural Influencers

  • Barriers to Achieving a Successful Outcome

  • Rapport & Body Language

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

  • The Art of Listening


Module Four - Negotiation Skills

  • Probing Questioning

  • Techniques Used in the Questioning Process

  • Listening, Responding & Body Language

  • Compelling Suggestions & Proposals

  • Testing Offers & Gaining Agreement

  • Behavioural Responses to Negotiation

  • Individual & Team Negotiation


Module Five - Outcomes & The Right Result

  • Using Acceptance Time Strategically

  • The Principles of Negotiation

  • Key Tactics of Negotiation