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Follow My Lead - Inspire the Team
Target Audience:  

This programme is suitable for Team Leaders, Supervisors or Managers who currently manage large or small teams and already have experience of tasks such as setting team and individual objectives, delegating and monitoring performance.


The course moves on from the skills covered on the First Time Manager programme and explores leadership styles, what motivates different personality styles, the importance and use of good communication skills and how to effectively build, lead and motivate team members.

  Duration: 2 Days
  Cost: £495 + VAT
  Course Date Location
  04/05/2017 Barnsley
  08/06/2017 Bradford
  26/06/2017 Liverpool
  26/09/2017 Liverpool
  28/09/2017 Bradford
  16/11/2017 Barnsley
  04/12/2017 Bradford
  14/12/2017 Liverpool

Module One - What is Leadership?

  • The Definition of Leadership

  • The Role of a Leader

  • Leading vs Managing


Module Two - Behavioural Analysis

  • DISC Behavioural Analysis

  • Behavioural Principles

  • Implications of Personality Style

  • Your Style Under Normal & Pressure Circumstances

  • Johari’s Window


Module Three - Communication & Influencing

  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • Establishing & Building Rapport
  • The Art of Listening
  • Positive Disagreement
  • Giving Feedback, Criticism & Praise

Module Four - Developing Your Leadership Style

  • Vision and Goals

  • Leadership Models - Situational & Contingency

  • Adaptation of Leadership Styles


Module Five - Team Dynamics 

  • Roles & Priorities Within the Team

  • Stages of Team Formation

  • Managing Upwards

  • Team Effectiveness in Meetings

  • Team Role Analysis


Module Six - Motivate Your Team

  • Motivation Approaches

  • Resistance & Conflict

  • Motivating through Change

  • Motivational Strategies for the Team