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Facilitation Skills
Target Audience:  

Anyone who wants to get the very best from groups or teams.  The course will give participants the skills they need to stretch any group and ensure creativity and engagement are maximised.


At the end of the programme participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of what facilitation is
  • Explain & understand different approaches to facilitation
  • Apply relevant techniques to engage groups and overcome barriers
  • Assist with overcoming disagreements & group conflicts
  • Use techniques to maintain group energy
  • Create a supportive atmosphere and monitor progress

To accentuate the facilitating approach and to allow participants to experience as many techniques as possible this programme works best in a workshop environment as the activities demonstrate the techniques and concepts.

  Duration: 2 Days
  Cost: £450 + VAT
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Module One - Introduction

  • Facilitation & Where & When to Use It
  • The Facilitators Role & Style
  • The 6 Dimensions & 3 Modes of Facilitation
  • The Workshop Lifecycle
  • Types of Intervention

Module Two - Planning for Facilitation

  • Developing a Facilitation Style
  • Group Dynamics & Its Manifestations
  • Identifying Participant Needs & Expectations
  • Exploring Roles & Responsibilities
  • Determining the Key Skills of the Facilitator
  • Session Tools & Techniques
  • Designing & Planning Activities

Module Three -  Skills & Techniques

  • Facilitators Responsibilities
  • Questioning & Listening
  • Seeking Realistic Outcomes from Facilitation
  • Developing Staged Facilitation
  • Managing the Discussion
  • Problem Analysis Techniques
  • Exploring Visual Techniques

Module Four - Group Facilitation

  • Motivating & Sustaining the Group
  • The Differences Between Feelings & Facts
  • Exploring Different Viewpoints
  • Managing Key People Within the Group
  • Facilitating Problem Solving Groups Creatively
  • Capturing & Using Session Data
  • Tracking Progress Made

Module Five -  Facilitation Options

  • Dealing with Differences & Conflict
  • The Manager as a Facilitator
  • Facilitation & Team Development
  • Facilitating Virtual Meetings