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Enhance Your Telephone Personality
Target Audience:  

This programme is suitable for those looking to develop positive service skills for dealing with people over the telephone.


Delegates will discover how to make a positive first impression by communicating effectively, relay messages quickly and efficiently and use a variety of questioning and listening techniques. They will learn how to deal with problem callers, staying in control and providing the best level of service possible.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £250 + VAT
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Module One - Communication

  • Barriers to Effective Telephone Communication
  • Rapport Building Techniques
  • Left Brain/Right Brain Theory
  • Using the Right Words
  • Enunciation, Inflection & Emphasis

Module Two - Call Handling

  • The Steps to Handling Calls Successfully
    • Preparation
    • Making a Positive First Impression
    • Identifying the Caller's Needs
    • Questioning Techniques
    • Keeping the Caller Informed
    • Last Impressions
    • Follow Up Actions

Module Three - Behavioural Styles

  • The Behavioural Matrix
  • The 4 Behavioural Styles
  • How the 4 Types Vocalise
  • Left Brain/Right Brain Theory

Module Four - Difficult Callers

  • What Makes People Difficult
  • Why We Lose Control
  • Taking Responsibility to Fix the Problem
  • The Do’s & Don’ts
  • Angry Caller Types
  • Handling Angry & Difficult Caller Types

Module Five - Essential Skills & Etiquette

  • The Correct Process & Protocols
  • Tips & Tricks