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Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
Target Audience:  

There is a large potential market awaiting those organisations prepared to explore the potential of all people in their workforce.  The object of this course is to increase awareness and respect for differences amongst people leading to enhanced organisational performance. Participants will be asked to consider the advantages and difficulties posed by working in a multicultural workplace.


As a result of attending the course participants will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of diversity and the associated benefits
  • Consider different aspects of diversity
  • Be able to work with people in situations where diversity issues apply
  • Learn techniques to engage people and overcome barriers
  • Be better able to deal with disagreements and group conflicts
  • Help to create a supportive atmosphere in the workplace

This workshop offers a combination of formal content and exercises, and seeks to address the issues in an interesting and non-challenging way, that encourages participants to express their views.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: ¬£250 + VAT
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Module One - Introduction

  • What is Valuing Diversity
  • The Advantages of a Diverse Workforce
  • Approaches to Diversity
  • Developing a Policy
  • How Managers Set the Tone for Diversity
  • The Golden Rule

Module Two - Gender Issues

  • Equal Opportunities for Women
  • Meetings - Letting Everyone Contribute
  • Getting to Grips with Gender Differences

Module Three - Stereotyping

  • Jobs for the Boys or Jobs for the Girls?
  • Women Coming Back to a Future
  • Understanding about the Family

Module Four - Ethnic & Racial Issues

  • Employment Prospects Blighted by Prejudice
  • Race & Questions of Selection & Promotion

Module Five - Ability/Disability Issues

  • The Real Issue is Fitness for Work
  • Adapting the Workplace to Fit

Module Six - Sexual & Age Preference

  • Sexual Preference & Overlooked Minorities
  • Too Young to Know or Too Old to Apply it?

Module Seven - Bullying & Harassment

  • Weak Leadership
  • Less Hassle Means More Work
  • The Early Warning Signs of Bullying
  • Malicious Accusations & Monitoring
  • Sexual Harassment Affects the Entire Workforce

Module Eight - Allegation Procedures 

  • Informal and Formal Procedures
  • Making a Complaint
  • Appeals