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Delight the Customer - Exceptional Customer Service
Target Audience:  

This course is suitable for anyone who has regular contact with “customers” in face-to-face situations and would like to understand and improve their service skills.


The course will allow delegates to understand their own and others’ behaviour in order that they can engage, interact and communicate with customers and colleagues effectively.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £250 + VAT
  Course Date Location
  13/04/2017 Liverpool
  01/06/2017 Barnsley
  15/06/2017 Bradford
  25/07/2017 Liverpool
  18/09/2017 Bradford
  11/10/2017 Liverpool
  01/12/2017 Bradford
  22/12/2017 Barnsley

Module One - Introduction

  • How Do We See Customer Service

  • The Cost of Good & Bad Customer Service

  • The Value of Exceptional Customer Service

  • The Impact of ‘Word of Mouth’ & ‘Word of Mouse’ Feedback


Module Two - Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Johari’s Window

  • Creating a Positive First & Last Impression

  • The Barriers to Effective Communication

  • Overcoming Barriers to Communication

  • The Art of Listening

  • Effective Questioning Techniques

  • The Information Funnel


Module Three - Developing Your Skills

  • Identifying & Exceeding Customer Expectations

  • Techniques for Building Rapport

  • Building & Maintaining Effective Relationships

  • Giving & receiving Information

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication


Module Four - Difficult Customers 

  • Why We Lose Control

  • Taking Responsibility to Fix the Problem

  • Turning Negative Situations into Opportunities

  • Angry Customer Types

  • Handling Different Customer Types


Module Five - Problem Solving

  • Realistic, Honest Solutions

  • Agreeing Timeframes

  • Problem Solving Techniques