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Cultivate Confidence - Be Assertive
Target Audience:  

This course is aimed at giving people the skills they need to communicate their position, opinions and feelings confidently and assertively.  It is also suitable for those  recently  promoted who require confidence in communicating in new or perhaps challenging situations.


The course is a very practical course which investigates how to recognise different behavioural styles and the benefits of using assertive techniques when communicating and negotiating with colleagues, management and customers.  By the end of the course delegates will have participated in a number of practical activities applying the techniques covered during the course.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £250 + VAT
  Course Date Location
  21/04/2017 Liverpool
  03/05/2017 Bradford
  12/07/2017 Liverpool
  08/09/2017 Bradford
  06/10/2017 Barnsley
  13/11/2017 Bradford
  14/11/2017 Liverpool

Module One — Understanding Yourself

  • Where Confidence Comes From

  • The JOHARI Window

  • Life Birth Position


Module Two — Behavioural Styles

  • DISC Behavioural Analysis

  • Implications of Behavioural Styles

  • Your Style Under Normal & Pressure Circumstances


Module Three - Understanding Behaviour

  • What is Assertiveness?

  • The Difference between Assertion & Aggression

  • Understanding Passive & Aggressive Behaviour

  • Rights & Responsibilities

  • Turning Limiting Beliefs into Assertive Ones

  • Recognising Triggers

  • The Steps to Assertiveness


Module Four - Preparing to Assert Yourself

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

  • Effective Use of Voice & Words

  • Establishing Rapport


Module Five — Assertive Techniques

  • Basic Assertion

  • Objective vs Subjective

  • Empathy & Lead In Assertiveness

  • Consequence Assertiveness

  • Using the DESC Script

  • Discrepancy Assertion


Module Five — Assertion in Difficult Situations

  • Handling Requests

  • Expressing Doubts & Disagreements

  • Being Assertive with Aggressive People

  • Disagreeing with Others Positively

  • Averting Conflict

  • Constructive Criticism


Module Seven — Adapting Your Approach

  • The Four Colour Behavioural Styles Matrix

  • How Different Behavioural Styles Communicate