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Crucial Conversations - Communicate Positively
Target Audience:  

This course is for those who need to improve their working relationships by focusing on the way they currently communicate with others and understanding how different types of people want to be communicated with and how their approach needs to be adapted.


The course is very practical and identifies the differences between aggressive and assertive behaviour, the power of non-verbal communication, effective listening techniques,  recognising the signs of conflict and communicating positively in all situations.  By the end of the course participants will be aware of how small changes in communication style can have a big impact on their working relationships.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £250 + VAT
  Course Date Location
  06/12/2017 Liverpool
  12/01/2018 Bradford
  01/03/2018 Barnsley
  19/03/2018 Liverpool
  09/04/2018 Bradford
  13/06/2018 Doncaster
  27/06/2018 Liverpool

Module One — Understanding Communication

  • What is Effective Communication?

  • Barriers to Communication

  • Different Types of Crucial Conversation


Module Two - Self Awareness 

  • DISC Behavioural Analysis

  • Implications of Personality Styles

  • Knowing Your Style Under Normal & Pressure Circumstances


Module Three - Building Rapport 

  • Making a Positive Impression

  • Establishing Rapport & ‘Reading’ People

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

  • The Art of Active Listening

  • Effective Questioning Techniques

  • The Information Funnel

  • Responding Positively


Module Four - Developing an Approach

  • The 4 Colours of Communication

    • How Do I Communicate
    • How Do They Communicate
  • Adapting Your Approach


Module Five - Communicating in Difficult Situations

  • The Difference Between Aggressive & Assertive Communication

  • Expressing Yourself Constructively

  • Handling Challenging Requests

  • Giving & Receiving Constructive Criticism

  • Disagreeing Positively


Module Six - Dealing With Conflict

  • Preventing Disagreement escalating into Conflict

  • Constructive & Destructive Behaviours

  • Achieving a Positive Outcome Using the 7 Step Plan