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Effective Business Writing
Target Audience:  

Anyone who needs to communicate more effectively in writing with accuracy, style and impact.


Recognise the challenges and skills of effective written communication. Write clear, concise, well structured business documents, using the appropriate language and correct punctuation and a presentable and stylish layout.

Course Preparation:  

If possible, it is an excellent idea for delegates to bring examples of the types of written business communication that they will be required to do following their attendance on the course.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £250 + VAT
  Course Date Location
  14/06/2017 Liverpool
  20/06/2017 Bradford
  21/07/2017 Barnsley
  08/08/2017 Bradford
  04/09/2017 Liverpool
  01/11/2017 Bradford
  11/12/2017 Liverpool

Module One — The Challenges & Pitfalls of Written Communication

  • Barriers to Effective Written Communication
  • Good Communication Model

Module Two — Preparation & Planning

  • Key Planning Stages
  • Know Your Audience & Understand Your Reader
  • Setting Objectives to Achieve Results
  • Preparing an Outline

Module Three — The Stages & Structure of Business Writing

  • The Four Key Elements of a Document
  • Writing Strong Starts & Closes
  • The ABCs of Written Communication
  • Accurate, Brief & Clear

Module Four — Image & Impact

  • Getting the Tone Right
  • Using the Appropriate Words & Phrases
    • Projecting a Positive Message
    • Passive vs Active Language
    • Unnecessary Words & Jargon
  • Word Power — Writing in Plain English

Module Five — Grammar & Punctuation

  • Commonly Confused Words
  • Common Punctuation Problems

Module Six — Written Communication Types

  • Letters
    • Passing on Good News
    • Requesting Action or Information
    • Passing on Bad news
    • Selling an Idea, Product or Service
    • Responding to Complaints
  • Email Do’s & Don’ts
  • Email Protocols & Etiquette Rules
  • Reports— An overview
  • Objectives
  • Structure & Layout
  • Proposals—Key Steps