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A Development Approach - Appraise the Workforce
Target Audience:  

This course is suitable for those who need to prepare, deliver or manage well structured, documented appraisal programmes.


The course explores the tools that can be used in preparing for and structuring appraisals, including how to agree, set and monitor clear, measurable objectives.  You will also learn how to offer positive and negative feedback and plan and support staff development.

  Duration: 1 Day
  Cost: £250 + VAT
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Module One - Introduction


  • The Purpose of Performance Appraisals

  • The Importance of Appraisals

  • What is an Appraisal & What is Not

  • Benefits for the Manager, the Individual & the Organisation


Module Two — Documentation & Process


  • Planning for Appraisals

  • Structuring Appraisals

  • The Appraisal Form

  • Appraisal Preparation

  • Reviewing Job Descriptions & Competencies

  • Developing Goals & Actions

  • Personal Development Plans


Module Three — Interpersonal Skills


  • Johari’s Window & the BOOST process

  • Key Interviewing Skills

  • Effective Questionning Techniques

  • Delivering Praise & Criticism

  • Summarising & Follow Up


Module Four — Delivering Appraisals


  • Setting the Tone & Atmosphere

  • Reviewing & Setting KPI’s & Objectives

  • The Balanced Score-card & its Applications

  • Delivering Evidential Feedback


Module Five — Outcomes & Actions


  • SMART Objectives in Appraisals

  • Training & Development in the Appraisal